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Launched at the Grumpy Mole Saloon in Tauranga, New Zealand. the GO-Racer was a huge success with immediate media results. Front page on the Bay of Plenty Times was followed quickly by a TV3 Six O’clock News feature.

Two days later the GO-Racer was aboard a flight to Atlanta, Georgia for the IAAPA show - the world’s biggest entertainment exhibition. We were there to launch the new ‘Go-Racer’. The ‘Go-Racer’ is a unique chassis designed to support a variety of different moulds. One of the moulds launched at the show was the ‘Loo-Racer’. Other moulds include golf balls, soccer balls and soda cans. The different types of mould are only limited by the imagination. Each mould is designed to give a customer a unique identity where ever the ‘Go-Racer’ may appear.

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